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Marbles! Balance Challenge / Kororinpa : Marble Mania

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Marbles! Balance challenge is the sequel to Kororinpa (also called Marble Sarga in some regions).  The principles of the game are the same - roll a marble around a puzzle platform using controlled and precise movements with either the Wii Remote or (new for the sequel) the Wii Balance Board.

The ability to use the Wii Blanace Board for game play is an excellent feature when considering rehab.  The original Kororinpa game was excellent for fine control, dexterity, perception and reaction speeds.  The sequel, with its choice to use the balance board now offers balance in both standing and sitting with valuable real time visual feedback based on the movements created by the player.  This game play offers balance awareness and motivation to correct movement intuitively in order to play the game, with the levels all being unlocked at the start and progressively getting harder through the numerous levels.

The Wii Remote controlled levels are different to the Balance Board levels - requiring more specific and sensitive skills that would be nearly impossible to control in standing.  There are two main categories - easy and normal to choose from offering plenty of variety and opportunities to progress as co-ordination and dexterity skills improve.

Unlike other games of this nature the visuals are clear and uncomplicated without the risk of confusing orientations and unhelpful points of view.  The simplicity of this game is one of the features that makes it therapy friendly.

The game is easy to navigate but when in the Wii Remote game play the puzzles are based on an unlocking system whereby the more you play the more levels are unlocked meaning play is limited initially.  As a solution to this it is possible to download the Save Data file here.  For more information about how to use save data files click here.

The game can therefore be played in a sitting position or can be made more difficult by using a Real Balance Board adaptation.  More information about working on different levels of balance can be found here.

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