Thursday, 28 October 2010

Petz Sports - Dog playground

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Petz Sports - Dog playground is a simple and basic game where by the player has a pet dog that they can teach tricks to, pet, enter into races and play sports with as well as choose what attire the dog is dressed in.

The controls simply and only use the WiiMote along with its A & B buttons, at times both together but much of the game can be played with just the use of the A button.

There are some nice mini games incorporated in the game, including teaching the dog tricks which is a shape trace game and dog races, requiring co-ordinated combinations of movement and button pressing. Other mini games such as 'petting' 'closet' are less likely to hold any interest within therapy sessions, but might be light relief for younger players.

The game on the whole is easy to use and has multi player included.

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