Monday, 1 November 2010

Just Dance

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Just Dance is an active game that requires the player to follow a sequence of dance moves during well known songs. The game only requires the use of one Wii Remote in dominant hand.

As the player copies the dance moves points are given to the quality and effort of the movements but depends a little upon how the WiiMote is held in the hand and may take some practice to improve.

Each song is listed with indications of difficult and effort - out of 3 stars. The game also offers the choice of a short or long version of the songs. The short version is advantageous for those with limited stamina and the longer version for those who wish to work on cardiovascular fitness.

The game includes a warm up which is approximately 4 minutes long and is not scored or judged. Its main aim is to encourage gentle warm up exercises before using the main game which requires more effort, in a bid to reduce the risk of muscle injury during game play, but can be used as an opportunity to familiarise with the style of game.

Just Dance is a fun exercise orientated game that can be played by up to 4 people at once. Good range of movement is required in one arm in order to play this game successfully, with some songs being playable from a seated position, although sitting may compromise the final score.

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