Saturday, 28 April 2012

Step to the Beat

Step to the Beat is a good motivational game that promotes stepping in time with the music that is played through the game. Therapy potential = GOOD

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The game setting and scenario is that of an island - 'Rhythm Island' where the player walks around freely to the beat of the music. 'Step to the Beat' is a simple game that requires the user to jog/shake the Nunchuk in time with the music tempo.

The Nunchuk is normally put into a pocket but can also be held - depending upon the purpose of the therapy. The game is compatible with the Wii Balance Board, the Wii Dance mat or with the Wii Balance Board being used when the user is sitting down (with feet on the board). Walking is sufficient to 'jog' the controller with some songs being a quicker tempo and requiring a brisker pace. None of the songs require the player to run and the game continues even if steps are missed.

As the player walks the on screen character also walks, moving along the paths of the island and allowing the player to explore.

At the same time as the Nunchuk is being 'jogged' the WiiMote can be used to point at 'capsules' that enable the player to open up new music and new areas of the Rhythm Island. The cursor pad on the WiiMote is also used to decide the direction that the character walks in and is often best controlled by the therapist/assistant therefore allowing the patient to focus and concentrate on quality of stepping and rhythm.

The game is good for those wanting to explore lower limb exercise/dynamic balance, either in sitting or standing or for those wanting to work on rhythmical upper limb movements, which could just be the control of movement or t focus on reaction speed, consistency of movement or general co-ordination.

The only down side to this game is its popularity and it can be expensive to buy.  An alternative way to at least trial the game is to rent it - see link below:

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  1. Factor to the particular Overcome is an excellent motivational online game that will promotes treading with time with the songs which is enjoyed from the sport. Treatments prospective = GOOD

    1. Does anyone know where I can get this game step to the beat, in pal version for an affordable price? If so please email me on, thank you