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Family Trainer - Outdoor Challenge

Family Trainer - Outdoor Challenge is a game that requires a good degree of pre existing control of dynamic standing balance. It makes use of a dance mat style controller that is used on the floor. For patients with reasonable standing balance and working on increased control, this game would offer variety of active exercises.

Therapy potential = MODERATE to GOOD

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Family trainer is a fun selection of games set in the outdoors.  The movement required to play the game closely mimic the actual postures, movements and reactions that are associated with the activities in reality.  Its easy to navigate around with all game playable from the off, with no need to unlock or set up.

This game can be bought individually or it can be purchased with the mat that you need to play the game. The mat (pictured below) differs from the balance board in that its very similar to the dance mats.  It plugs into the Nintendo Gamecube ports that are normally hidden behind a door on the top of the console (there are 4 ports).  The + and - buttons act as the WiiMote A and B buttons, with the arrows taking the place of the cursors, enabling up, down, left and right choices.  The player would normally stand in the middle on the squares and can control the game without the WiiMote.  The mat can be placed on the floor, on floor mats or on a plinth.

Below is a list of the games along with a brief description as to how they are controlled.

Timber Trail - Player steps/runs on the two square mat buttons and jumps when log approaches.

Mole Stomper - Player stands on the mat squares to start game then has to step on the arrows that are in the same location as the Moles as they appear on the game.  This game therefore involves stepping forwards, backwards and to the sides.  Game starts slowly but increases in speed as the player succeeds.

Kayak Attack - Player stands on the square buttons.  This game also requires the WiiMote - held by both hands as if holding a paddle.  The game requires the player to perform a canoeing movement with the WiiMote with steering being controlled by stepping left or right.  The player has to get through the rapids in the quickest time possible.

Pipe Slider - In this game the player sits on the square buttons.  With their hands they control the speed of the slider by putting pressure through both left and right arrow at the same time.  Direction of the slider is controlled by putting pressure through either the left or right, depending upon the desired direction.  The players aim to navigate onto the speed areas, which makes the slider go faster.

Mine Cart Adventure - The player stands for this game and depending upon the direction needed has to stand on one leg to help the cart balance during turns to the left or right.  Whilst this game requires the ability to stand on one leg, it could easily be played with a walking aid or equivalent support.

Mountain Boarder - One of the more difficult games that requires the player to stand in a stance position then jump and step on a sequence of arrow buttons in order to perform tricks to score points.  At its most basic level it could be used to practice stepping to the left and right, which in turn incorporates weight transference.

Speed Roller - The character in this game is on roller skates.  The player needs to guide the character along the race track by stepping left and right on the squares to gain speed.  The player also uses the WiiMote by tilting side to side in order to steer and avoid slow patches and gain from accelerator areas.

Sprint Challenge - This is simply a step/run on the spot game with the player stepping alternatively on the mats squares.  It requires a good burst of energy and offers the opportunity to run/jog/walk at whatever pace without any other distractions.

Stone Stepper - To play this game requires the ability not only to stand on one leg, but to hop from either left to right or on the same leg.  Its a difficult game to play and keep balance during and therefore should

Head-on Hurdler - The player steps or runs on the spot and then jumps at the right moment to clear the hurdles.  Timing to achieve a successful hurdle can be difficult as its required to be a double footed jump and land before running again. A game for the very able.

Log Leaper - The player has to jump to clear logs as they role towards them.  The logs keep coming so long as they are cleared.  if the player misses a log then the game ends.

Conveyor Runner -  The player runs along a wall of blocks.  As the time playing the game increases obstacles are set in the way.  The player must keep running and jumping to stay a head and remain on the conveyor, slowing down will see the player fall off the end of the conveyor and end the game.  The game requires the ability to run and jump but is a very good cardiovascular exercise.

Seesaw Battler - The player uses hands to control the buttons in this game.  Its a game requiring speed and co-ordination, to hit the shapes in the right order before either the computer or a second player.

Jump Rope - As the rope is swung the player must jump at the right time to clear.  The rope gets quicker as the game goes on with it ending when the player misses a jump.

Family trainer is a good game for fitness, balance, weight transference and general standing co-ordination exercises. It will probably appeal more to children and young adults than to anyone else due to the energetic nature and high level ability of some of the games.

Your can read more about the game and watch videos at the developers website - here.

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